Thursday, March 31, 2005


. . . is back, but doesn't work in Firefox. At least not very well.

Money-Surf Is Back

. . . but it no longer works in Firefox.

Money-Surf Is Back

. . . but it no longer works in Firefox.

Money-Surf Is Back

Bad news, folks - Money-Surf no longer works in Firefox. It seems to be okay in IE, though.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


. . . is down. At least, the view-for-credits or what-have-you doesn't appear to be working at the moment.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Money-Surf is back!

Money-Surf is back in business, but it's at a different URL. Presumably they'll link to the new page as soon as they're confident about the new system.

Money Surf down

Yep, Money Surf is down for maintenance. Let's hope my account is still there when it comes back.

By the way, muchas gracias to those that signed up using my Surf Junky and Inbox Dollar$ referral links.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Site News

As you can see, I added a ton of ads. If you want to curse at me in French for wasting your precious bandwidth, there's plenty of room in the comments.

Also, I took down the recently added link to a Babel Fish English-to-French translation of this page, because Babel Fish translations just aren't that helpful.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Review: Money-Surf

Money-Surf, the French site I mentioned earlier, may not be a big cash cow (I've earned a whopping 0 dollars and 0 cents), but it does generate a crapload of hits. Over twelve thousand in three days, in fact. Am I worried that the French-speaking visitors to the site won't understand my pages? Not really, since my pages have giant dollar signs all over them (well, not this one, but the ones I'm trying to generate traffic for).

So, in closing: About 4,000 hits per day. That's pretty awesome.

Update: I added a counter to one of the pages I'm advertising on Money-Surf. Money-Surf now accounts for about 97% of its traffic. Of all visitors to the page, about 84% are from French-speaking countries (including Canada). About 56% stay on the page for over five minutes. Of 300 visitors, 144 are unique. So, the moral of this story is that at least some of the people referred by Money-Surf actually visit and explore the sites advertised there.

Review: Inbox Dollar$

Well, it turns out I was wrong about Inbox Dollar$. Clearly, they're more than just a pyramid scheme. In fact, the money they offer for taking surveys and completing trial offers far outweighs the money possible from referrals (unless one has many, many referrals, each of whom earns enough to receive checks). For instance, I just added $1.25 to my account by completing a survey. Granted, this will probably result in added spam, but I don't care, because I divert all my spam to the same e-mail address.

More about these surveys and trial offers: you can get a trial offer with a reputable company (say, AOL), get $20 from Inbox Dollar$, cancel the trial offer, and keep the money. Why haven't I done this, then? Because the trial offers require credit card numbers, which I don't have. But nothing's stopping you guys from getting $20.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Review: More of the Same

The following sites have the same setup as CasHitz:

TrafficExcelerator [sic]
Profound Hits
Autosurf 500
Autosurf 300

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Review: CasHitz

CasHitz. What a terrible, terrible name. Honestly, how can you look at that name and pronounce it "Cash Hits" (and not some other name reminiscent of "ka-ching" and feces)? In any case, CasHitz is one of those sites where you must first pay money in order to upgrade your membership. Since I'm not a big fan of paying money to strangers, I'll be reviewing the free portion of their site.

To say that CasHitz is unrewarding is a huge understatement. Most of the rewards you get for surfing and clicking aren't cash; they're points. Points, as far as I can tell, are only useful for buying hits to your own sites. This might be worthwhile, were it not for the fact that the people using CasHitz are about as likely to read your site as you are to read theirs. Also, CasHitz lacks an auto-allocate function, so you must allot points to each of your sites before CasHitz starts directing users to it.

Speaking of cash, how does one earn money on CasHitz? As it turns out, the daily rate (yes, daily, not per hour or click or hit) is 1% of one's "Member Level." Your Member Level depends on how much you pay the site (the initial level is $10). So I, for example, earn 10 cents a day. With a minimum payout of $50, it would take 500 days to see any money from CasHitz.

As for the paid membership, I don't know whether they really pay their members, but my advice is this: kids, if you want to get interest on your money, put it in the bank or get a savings bond, why don'cha.

SJ Update

Surf Junky is back up again. Knock yourselves out.

These are the people in my neighborhood

This site that appeared when I clicked "Next Blog" in the Blogger toolbar - it's pretty crazy. It's basically search engine bait. From what I gather, this is a pretty common thing on blogger, but it still strikes me as odd. I mean, if you Google the first blog entry on there - I mean copy the text and paste it into Google - the site won't show up at all. How do they expect to generate traffic? (and no comparisons to this site, please - I already know I have no traffic).

More Scheme/Scam Reviews

The following sites are so useless that I won't even bother pasting in links:

Opt-in Pays
The-Owl-Post (I can't actually attest to how good/not good this site is - I only know that they sent me spam every day asking me to join their pyramid scheme by paying them some money. Fortunately, they included a link for removing my e-mail address from their list)

More news on Surf Junky: the site's down . . . kind of. Their index page has been replaced by a test page, and the login isn't functional at the moment. This seems pretty similar to their unplanned downtime a week or so ago. Again, I question the integrity of this site, but . . . meh. It's not costing me anything, so I won't mind too much if they never pay out.


Once again, folks, here are those referral links:

Surf Junky: down at the moment, but probably not for long.
InboxDollar$: pays for reading e-mail; pays more for referring.
E-mailPaysU: pays for reading e-mail ads, but don't expect to get paid unless you make it to $40.
Money-Surf: a French site that pays you for surfing. Problem: pays you in credits (unless you upgrade, which I, personally, wouldn't do, because it costs money), which are only good for buying ad space from them.
CasHitz: similar to Money-Surf, but with the possibility of getting money w/o upgrading.